Here's Our First Official Look at Donna Troy a.k.a. Wonder Girl in DC's TITANS

We must be getting close to the debut of Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl, in Titans. After all, Warner Bros. and DC recently released the first official photos of Conor Leslie as Troy.

The pictures show Troy as a journalist or maybe an investigator, it’s a little unclear. What else is unclear is exactly when she will appear on the show. Fans don’t think it will be during “Asylum,” but rather during episode eight, which makes sense as Newsweek reports the episode will be named “Donna Troy.”

Akiva Goldsman, a producer on Titans, told CB:

Wonder Girl is spectacular, and exactly what you would imagine, you know? We’re trying to… Hawk and Dove are in the second episode, we’re trying to feather [our characters] out. It’s not like everybody is in every episode. We are [doing] a little bit of moving through relationships, in order to form the team.

I’d be shocked if Wonder Girl didn’t join the group, but the real question is if it will happen by the end of season one.

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