Here's The Explosive First Teaser For Season 12 of IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY

It feels like forever since It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia aired its most recent episode, but it's only been since March. (I mean, I guess that has been eight months, which is a pretty damn long time when it comes to TV shows and the modern attention audience's span.) But the first teaser trailer for the show's twelfth season has finally come online, and it gives us a brief but much-needed look at the increasingly insane antics that "the gang" gets up to in the new season. In the first six seconds alone, we see someone take a flying jump kick to the chest, someone get their head stuck in a staircase banister, the gang pull a The Way Way Back and get stuck in a water park slide. So yeah...this season's going to be nuts.

It's Always Sunny returns to FXX in January.

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