Here's the First Poster for the MY HERO ACADEMIA Stage Play

We have our first look at the first live-action adaptation of My Hero Academia. You may remember that a stage play is in the works called My Hero Academia: The Ultra Stage. Well, now we have our first look at what that will look like thanks to a scan of a poster circulating the Internet.

I gotta say, I actually really dig the costumes. They are spot on. If you find yourself in Japan in 2019, you may be able to catch the show. If you do, you can expect the following cast:

  • Midoriya - Tamura Shin

  • Todoroki - Kitamura Ryou

  • Bakugo - Kobayashi Ryota

  • Ochako - Takeuchi Yume

  • Iida - Ino Hiroki

  • Tsuyu - Noguchi Mao

  • Kirishima - Tanaka Naoki

  • Denki - Sato Yugo

  • Mineta - Okuo NagatoShigaraki - Raita

  • Endeavor - Ueda Yuusuke

  • Skinny All Might - Hayashi Tsuyoshi

  • Eraserhead - Seto Yuusuke

  • Tokoyami - Matsubara Rin

What do you think of these costumes?

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