Here's The Latest Update About TRICK 'R TREAT 2

I absolutely love writer/director Michael Dougherty's Halloween horror movie Trick 'r Treat. It's the perfect mixture of scares and humor with a great cast and a wonderful concept, all set during an instantly recognizable suburban Halloween. If you haven't seen it, get on that! You won't regret it.

Dougherty and Legendary Pictures announced a sequel a few years ago, but we haven't heard much about it since then. Trick 'r Treat 2 is supposed to expand the world a little bit and incorporate things like witches and ghosts into the mix along with Sam, the little mascot of the first movie. He's hoping to depict a different type of Halloween experience than the Middle America version he showed off the first time around, but we'll have to see how that all shakes out when he finally gets around to making the film.

Speaking with /Film, Dougherty gave an update on the sequel's progress:

I’m going to speak carefully about that [Laughs], because the moment I utter a word about the sequel, everybody starts salivating. It is very much my intention to make the sequel. Legendary is very committed to making the movie. Creatively, it’s in process. When it actually happens, I don’t know. But, hopefully, stuff like this — the digital decorations, the comic books, the merchandise, and what have you — will tide people over and I can finally get around to making it. Nothing would make me happier than returning to that universe. Like, I miss Sam. When we were shooting these vignettes, I was getting a little bit emotional because I would love nothing more than to hang out with Sam again for a year or two, bringing him back to the big screen.

I honestly thought we'd have seen the film by now, but I'm just glad to hear that Dougherty is still interested and Legendary is still committed to making it. At this point, I'm fine with him taking as long as he needs to get the story right — I'll take that over a rushed production to hit a pre-established release date every time.

Are you looking forward to Trick 'r Treat 2?

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