Here's the Release Timeline for DC Universe's Original Content

Many fans are getting excited for DC Universe to launch and all the original content it’s promising us. We’ve been hearing quite a bit about Titans lately, with many saying that it’s actually good. We’re also being pumped up for Doom Patrol with more cast announcements every week it feels. In addition to the live-action stuff, we just found out Haley Cuoco will be voicing Harley Quinn and of course many of you are getting impatient for Young Justice: Outsiders. When do all of these shows come out though? We’ve only ever gotten vague release dates like “sometime in 2019,” until now. DC has released an actual timeline for us to look at.

If you’re not excited for Titans, you may want to hold off on subscribing for a bit since it’s the only show that will launch in 2018. The shows are staggered out which should allow you to stay up to date on each one without fear of neglecting the others. Which show are you most excited for?

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