Here's The Trailer For a New TRANSFORMERS Animated Series... For Toddlers

Hasbro Studios has released the announcement trailer for a new Transformers animated series called Transformers: Rescue Bot Academy, and it looks like a Transformers series for toddlers. 

The series features several new Autobot characters as they train with some of the most legendary Transformers characters in the franchise like Optimus Prime, Heatwave, and more. These new characters are learning how to be heroes. Here's the synopsis:

A group of young Bots fresh from Cybertron (Hot Shot, Whirl, Medix, Hoist and Wedge), have the honor of being the first-ever class to enroll in Earth’s Rescue Bot Training Academy and learn how to become Earth heroes through hands-on experience.

When I was a kid growing up, Transformers were badass! They weren't these silly bubbly weird kiddie things. I'm sure the series will be followed by a bunch of new toys as well. I don't know, maybe the little kids will be into it. If parents don't want to subject their kids to this version of the series they can always show them the original show! That's what I did! 

There's no information on when the new series will premiere or what network, but it doesn't matter, because you probably won't end up watching it anyway. Here's the trailer.

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