Here's Vegas' Top Betting Choices For The Next Superman


Henry Cavill hasn’t officially been dropped as Superman, but that hasn’t stopped reports and wagers pouring in for other actors to take up the mantle. BetOnline recently posted the current top picks gamblers are putting their money on for the next actor to play the Man of Steel…and it’s a weird list that’s ranked from most to least likely:

Michael B. Jordan

Armie Hammer

Henry Golding

Benjamin Walker

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Will Smith

Tyler Hoechin

Ryan Gosling

Nicholas Cage

Ben Affleck

Mark Wahlberg

Idris Elba

As you can see, the list gets progressively wilder the further down the list goes. Michael B. Jordan, of course, holds the top spot considering he’s dominating replacement rumors at the moment, but who are these people making and deciding the odds of actors who will take on the role?! Dwayne Johnson, for example, is already involved in the DCU as Black Adam, and it doesn’t take a betting man to know WB is not going to snipe Arrow-verse actor Tyler Hoechin for it’s film Superman. No disrespect to Hoechin, but it hasn’t happened in the past, so why now? Oh, and we all know Ben Affleck walked away from Batman because he wanted the Superman role all along, right?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s far too early to place bets on who will be the next Superman, so don’t bother.

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