Here's What EDGE OF TOMORROW Might Look Like as a Cheesy '90s Comedy

For some reason, not enough people saw 2014's Edge of Tomorrow. Maybe people had been burned one too many times by mediocre Tom Cruise movies, or maybe they were feeling a bit wary about the concept of a sci-fi/action version of Groundhog Day. But whatever the reason, the people who skipped that movie missed one of the best action movies of the past few years, and I highly recommend checking it out if you were feeling "meh" about it thanks to the marketing. (That whole "changing the movie's title to Live.Die.Repeat for the video release" thing didn't help, either.)

Now, Mashable has created a fake trailer for the movie that imagines what it might look like as a cheesy '90s-era studio comedy. The goofy voiceover. The cheesy saxophone music. It's all there. Watch and enjoy.

Via: Pajiba

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