Here's Why THE HOBBIT Films Suck in Comparison to THE LORD OF THE RINGS

Sean Hickey, a student and member of the Dublin Business School's Film Society, has a new video essay which brilliantly lays out all of the reasons why Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy is a complete joke when compared with The Lord of the Rings films. And it's not just the typical complaints, either: he barely touches on the fact that they stretched this story into three movies, spending much more time diving into direct comparisons between the two trilogies and showing why The Lord of the Rings is superior in every way when it comes to basic storytelling. This just became my go-to video to send to anyone who tries to argue that The Hobbit films are solid, because I honestly don't know how you can watch this and still believe that those movies are anything other than pale imitations of what came before it. Is Martin Freeman a great Bilbo? Absolutely. But are these movies legitimately good? No freakin' way.

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