The Kickstarter for the Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game is starting on November 15 and will run until November 29. The game is being produced by Archon Studio in close collaboration with the Might & Magic IP team at Ubisoft and it shows. Lead Game Designer and Project Manager Jakub Olekszyk has put together a great team to bring fans of the game an exciting new board game that keeps everything we love. The art direction is based on the classic visuals with a more modern look thanks to Tomasz Badalski and his team. Archon Studio also brought on well known Heroes fandom artist Iana Vengerova as the lead artist for the project. The game will come with high quality sculpted one-piece miniatures that look amazing. The core game will merge deck building mechanics, area control, and a dynamic card combat system. Stretch goals will lead to expansions that will include more factions and some exclusive content will be more miniatures, cards, or possibly an entire faction. 

As a big fan of HOMM3, this project is really exciting. It was one of the first not designed to be educational for children PC games I ever played and I have loved it ever since. This game looks like it was made with such love of the original game by people who understand what fans enjoyed about it. The artwork looks so good and the miniatures are also phenomenal. I will definitely be backing this project and I hope you check it out before November 29 so you can too. 

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