High-Resolution Movie Posters With All of the Text Removed

We've written a lot about movie posters at GeekTyrant over the years because, like most film fans, we love a great piece of poster art. Some posters set out to capture the essence of a movie, some try to draw viewers in with mystery, and others just try to get your curiosity churning with crazy imagery. We spoke about the evolution of poster art in one of our podcast episodes a while ago, and we posted a video last year that talks about the downfall in creativity in studio film posters recently.

Redditor joinyouinthesun has taken 80 movie posters, removed the text from all of them, and posted high resolution versions of them online for film fans to enjoy. Aside from the myriad Photoshop opportunities this could provide for those who are interested in messing around with text placement, this is a nice chance to take a good hard look at what poster art used to be like and hope that it returns to this level of artistry once again.

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