Highlights from Ubisoft's E3 Expo Presentation

After a roughly 20 minute symphonic concert, Ubisoft’s E3 press conference started. In addition to introducing us to new games, Mythic Quest Raven’s Banquet was shown off. Mythic Quest is a new show coming from the creators of It’s Always Sunny for Apple+. Ghost Recon Delta Company is a new community program that was shown off as well.

Of course, you probably really just want to know about the games that Ubisoft is working on, so check out the list below.

  • Watch Dogs Legion

    • This game sounds intense, but I feel like it has a lot of potential to let players down. There is permadeath which in a game like this sounds really interesting, but I also loathe permadeath. When you die though, you switch to a different character that has a different set of skills and is at a different part of the city. It’s really interesting, but once again, I see a lot of potential for let downs.

    • Releases on March 6, 2020 for Google Stadia, PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight

    • This is a new season for Rainbow Six Siege and brings in two new characters. I’ve never played this game, but I have a lot of friends who love it.

    • Available Now

  • Brawlhalla

    • Adventure Time characters Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum are now playable characters in this game that looks like a Super Smash Bros. clone. The best part is that this game is free!

    • Available Now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One

  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    • A new trailer was shown off for Breakpoint, and it once again looks very intense.

    • Available October 4 with a Beta available September 5

  • Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

    • This is a mobile game that looks like Ubisoft took characters from their biggest franchises and combined them with the art style of Team Fortress 2 and the gameplay of XCOM 2.

    • Pre-Registration Available Now

  • Just Dance 2020

    • The most surprising thing is that the Just Dance games are still being released on Nintendo Wii! This is crazy in my opinion. If I’m honest though, I’ve been disappointed in the track list in a lot of the titles in this franchise the past couple of years.

    • Available November 5 for Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, PS4, and Xbox One

  • For Honor

    • Ubisoft announced a new event for For Honor called “Shadows of the Hitokiri.” It looks like you’ll be fighting a hardcore female samurai that had some kind of evil corrupt her. It looks pretty cool to be honest and the trailer is very dramatic.

    • Available now until June 27

  • Rainbow Six Quarantine

    • The trailer made me think it was more of a Resident Evil game than a R6 game. The game will be a 3-player cooperative shooter. Could be cool. The game style reminds me a little of Republic Commando.

    • Available Early 2020

  • The Division 2

    • You can play for free through June 16. They also talked about the first set of major new content that takes the game out of Washington D.C. The new content will release in episodes. It was also announced that The Division film will be made in partnership with Netflix.

    • Episode 1 available July 2019

    • Episode 2 available Fall 2019

    • Episode 3 available Early 2020

  • Roller Champions

    • Holy roller derby Batman! This game looks to be a cross of roller derby and that Mayan soccer/basketball game we saw in The Road to El Dorado with neon and almost cartoonish aesthetics that make it look crazy. It was designed to be a fun game to play and a fun game to watch, seemingly for e-sports.

    • Demo available until June 14

  • Gods and Monsters

    • The artwork on this game looks incredible and was probably my favorite game from Ubisoft this year. We should learn more in the next couple of months and I cannot wait.

    • Available February 25, 2020

Uplay+ was also revealed as a new subscription service for PC players. You’ll get access to their complete catalog as well as earliest access to new games including additional content in premium editions of games. It’s just like EA Access or Xbox Game Pass. This will cost $14.99 and if you go sign up now, you can get access in September for free. The service will launch September 2019. In addition, you’ll be able to use Uplay+ via Google Stadia in 2020.

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