Hilarious Animated Short Makes Fun of Our Smartphone Addiction

I'll admit, I miss probably miss out on a lot of things going on around me thanks to my iPhone. Being in the kind of business I'm in, I am constantly on it writing stuff, checking e-mails and social media, and other things. It's pretty ridiculous. A lot of people live in the world of their cell phones, and not in the world that is happening around them at the moment. One of the reasons Joss Whedon decided to ditch Twitter is so that he could find stuff in the world outside of it, and he thinks he could do better without it.

I have a hilarious yet kind of sad animated short that makes fun of our smartphone addiction. It comes from Min Alxe, and it follows various characters who are so buried in their phones that they don't even notice the danger going on around them. It's pretty a spectacular commentary on the kind of world that we live in. 

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