Hilarious Comedy Short - CODFISH & CYANIDE

"Codfish & Cyanide" is the first amazing short film I've seen in 2014! It's a hilarious comedy that features two people, one room, and a conflict. The movie is in German, but there are English subtitles. Don't let that stop you from watching this! I know some people don't like to read subtitles, but this short is freakin' great and extremely entertaining. You'll be very happy you watched it.

She can’t believe it when he arrives at the restaurant looking squalid, shabby and unwilling to explain himself. The truth sounds way too absurd and being a notorious liar, he can’t risk anything. Cornered, he tells her an intricate story and expects everything – except her actual reaction.

I love that this is a very simple concept that didn't take a lot to make. It left a huge smile on my face. This is really good storytelling with a great script and solid acting. Enjoy!

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