Hilarious Joke Spoiled in A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST TV Spot

A new TV spot has been released for Seth MacFarlane's great looking comedy western, A Million Ways To Die In The West, and it features a hilarious joke in the film. The joke was first revealed in a full trailer that played before The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That trailer has yet to be released online, but when I first saw this scene I couldn't help but bust up. That scene has now found its way into this TV spot for the movie. I'm actually really surprised that they are using this in the marketing for the film because it would have been such a huge, gratifying surprise to see it in the movie. It still made me so happy to see it though!  If you don't mind having this amazing joke spoiled for you then watch the spot below. I will also talk a little bit about it after the embed, which also includes a photo that MacFarlane tweeted out. 

How freakin' amazing is it that Christopher Lloyd reprised his role as Doc Brown in this movie! It would be an awesome surprise if he plays a bigger role in the story than is shown.

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