Hilariously Awesome Halloween Short SPOOKY CLUB Tells the Story of a Vincent Price Skull Heist

You've got to watch this ultra entertaining Halloween short film called "Spooky Club"! This has the makings of a Halloween classic and is seriously one of my favorite short films of the year. The story follows a group of friends that make up the "Spooky Club" as they set out on a heist to retrieve Vincent Price's stolen skull so that they can cremate it just like he wanted. 

I absolutely love the characters in the short, the fun goofy vibe, and the wittiness of the concept and writing. These characters should seriously get their own series, or even a feature film. It's just such an awesomely executed film project that is exactly what we need to ring in Halloween. 

I applaud the directing team Joe and Lloyd Stas for what they've created. They released it in memory of horror icon Vincent Price, who died 23 ago this month. To help support Price's legacy make sure to visit these websites: vincentprice.com / vincentpricelegacy.com. In the meantime, please enjoy this wonderful short, "Spooky Club"!

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