HIS DARK MATERIALS Series Appears to Finally be Moving Forward


It has been a long time since I heard any news about the BBC’s TV adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series. Then, I found out that the show is finally about to get off the ground. Bad Wolf Productions recently tweeted the update:

They’ve been busy with the show A Discovery of Witches, but with that show wrapped up, they can begin work on a series I’ve been excited for since about 2015. Jack Thorne appears to be the writer teaming up with Bad Wolf and I hope he’s able to do a better job than he did with The Golden Compass. While the movie wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great. This series deserves greatness! There are a lot of layers to the story, and it is beautiful. If you haven’t read the three book series (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass), here’s a synopsis of the first book:

Lyra Belacqua lives in a parallel world in which human souls take the form of lifelong animal companions called daemons. Dark forces are at work in the girl’s world, and many children have been kidnapped by beings known as Gobblers. Lyra vows to save her best friend, Roger, after he disappears too. She sets out with her daemon, a tribe of seafarers, a witch, an ice bear and a Texas airman on an epic quest to rescue Roger and save her world.
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