History Channel Developing Hannibal Barca Miniseries

TVHannibalby Joey Paur

The History Channel has been developing some great stuff for TV! I love the network, I watch it all the time, and I'm excited to report that they are developing a new miniseries based on Hannibal Barca called Hannibal

Halle Berry is set to produce the series, which is being written by Jeffrey Caine (The Constant Gardener). The series is "about the great generals in antiquity – Hannibal Barca and his archrival Scipio Africanus – who went head-to-head in the Second Punic War." Berry had this to say in a statement, 

“Hannibal was not only the greatest African general to ever live, he may have been the greatest general, period. His story is an intricate and captivating ride and I’m thrilled to get this project off the ground with our partners at History.” 

Deadline goes on to give more details on the series, saying, "Hannibal begins in Carthage, 264 BC, at the beginning of his life in North Africa and takes viewers through the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. In what became legend, Hannibal and his archrival Scipio Africanus take a sacred vow to destroy the other and the nation he served. However, despite their fiercely opposed allegiances, the two are brought together and grow to respect each other as brothers."

I'm looking forward to seeing how this series turns out, but I imagine it'll be just as good as the other original miniseries the network has made. 

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