Hive Explorer is a Versatile Mealworm Farm for Science

Hive Explorer is a smart insect farm from Livin Farms and it seems to be very versatile. The Hive is essentially a place for you to farm mealworms. What you do with those mealworms is up to you though. One idea is that you can give your food waste to the mealworms and then they will eat it and grow. They’ll also poop which can be used as plant fertilizer. If you don’t care about feeding your plants, you can always eat the mealworms yourself after freezing and then cooking them for healthy snacks to nourish your body with proteins and various vitamins. If nothing else though, you can always just use the Hive Explorer to conduct your very own experiments with insects. The project is currently on Kickstarter, so if you’re interested, hurry and go back it already.

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