Holy Horsepower, Batman: A Life-Sized Version of THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE's Batmobile

The LEGO Batman Movie comes out in just under a month, so steel yourselves for the inevitable marketing onslaught that's about to happen. But it won't only be a never-ending stream of TV spots and cheesy corporate tie-in commercials — the team at LEGO (fine, I guess that's a corporate tie-in) has built a life-sized version of the film's Batmobile (via io9).

This beast contains more than 340,000 LEGO pieces, and sits at an impressive 17 feet in length. Here are the official stats:

  • It’s 83 inches (6.92 feet) high, 204 inches (17 feet) long and 111 inches (9.25 feet) wide.
  • Total weight is 1,695.5 pounds. Each tire is just over 100 pounds.
  • The interior frame is made from more than 86 feet of square tube aluminum and weighs 282.5 pounds.
  • Total number of LEGO® bricks used to build the Batmobile: 344,187
  • Total number of LEGO® colors used: 17
  • The LEGO® Batmobile took 222 hours to design and 1,833 hours to build.

You can visit Chevy's website to see a quick timelapse video of this monster being put together.

And with a protagonist this goofy, even the traditional corporate tie-in commercials aren't THAT bad:

The LEGO Batman Movie arrives in theaters on February 10, 2017.

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