Honest Trailer For FANTASTIC FOUR (2015)

Bad visual effects, lame acting, boring action beats...this is just a fraction of what I have to say about the 2015 version of Fantastic Four. And the trailer was just so cool…so cool! Even though producer Simon Kinberg desperately tried to defend the movie, I can definitely state that he failed to do so. And now they are getting what they deserve!

Screen Junkies just released an Honest Trailer for the brand new Fantastic Four reboot. The only difference between this one and the other two Fantastic Four movies is the multiplied amount of boredom and ridiculousness.

Behold the funny dissection of the movie, which stars “Were you stretching away or were you dragging,” “A Wasted House of Cards Actor,” “A Chocolate Snowman,” “Michael B. Glad You Don’t Have to Do Any More of These,” “Another Wasted House of Cards Actor,” and “Crash Test Doomy.”

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