Honest Trailer for LOVE ACTUALLY

Long before Andrew Lincoln started crushing zombie skulls on The Walking Dead, he was crushing on his best friend’s wife in Love Actually. Screenwriter Richard Curtis’ directorial debut featured a fantastic ensemble cast of established actors and many (then) unknowns who would go on to greater fame, like Lincoln. It also had multiple plot lines that (sorta) intersected and deliciously cheesy clichés. All of those elements were lazily lifted in the rip off film Valentine’s Day and its sequel New Year’s Eve. Of those three holiday set romantic comedies, only Love Actually is worth revisiting, which you can do in a fraction of the time by just watching Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer for it below.

Side Note: If you haven’t seen Curtis’ latest directorial effort, About Time, you need to sit down and watch that, stat! It’s one of the best time travel movies to date. I’m being dead serious, actually.

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