ScreenJunkies is back with a new Honest Trailer, and thanks to the winner of their Batman v Superman showdown, they've turned their attention to Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. I remember being disappointed with this movie when it first came out because Superman doesn't throw a single punch in the whole film, and rewatching it for a huge Superman Blu-ray review I did for the site a few years ago, I pretty much came to that same conclusion. Here's a section from that review:

Speed and power are portrayed much better through the development of technology since '78, Brandon Routh was fantastic, and the plane crash sequence is really solid, but beyond that, there really isn't much to say about this movie that separates it from its homage qualities. The whole subplot with the kid never sat well with me, though in a big reveal it's implied this was Superman's child from when he had sex with Lois in the Fortress of Solitude in Superman II. Regardless of whether that decision makes sense in continuity, it's such a cliched story point that never goes anywhere and just falls flat. We go nearly two hours of screen time before Lex even sees Superman, and when he does, it's anticlimatic. That's actually the whole problem with this movie, I think - it's anticlimatic.

So while I like this movie's intentions, it's hard to actually defend it against the critiques leveled at it here. Enjoy.

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