Honest Trailer For THE INCREDIBLES - "The Best Fantastic 4 Movie Ever Made"

We've got another great episode of Honest Trailers from Screen Junkies and this time they set their sights on Pixar's The Incredibles. With the sequel coming out this weekend, it only makes sense that they would release this now.

It's pretty crazy that it took 14 years to get a sequel to this movie, but it happened and according to those who have seen it already, the movie is a perfect sequel! You can read all the positive buzz for it here.

One of my favorite things about this Honest Trailer is how they make a point of saying that The Incredibles is the best Fantastic 4 movie that's ever been made.

I also like how they point out that the villain of Syndrome has become more relevant over time as he's a perfect prediction of today's entitled fan culture. He's a fanboy who turns against his heroes when they don't live up to his expectations... sound familiar?

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