Horror Campout Experience Complete with Monsters and Killers

Horrorby Joey Paur

Now you can live out your own horror movie fantasies with a camp experience built around scaring the shit out of you! It's called Great Horror Campout, it's based in Los Angeles, and it will cost you $231 to be a part of it. If you go on this campout you will be harassed by fake monsters and killers from 8pm to 8am, so it's a good bet that you wouldn't be getting much sleep. The monster and killers also have permission to touch you, bag you, kidnap you, and drag you around! They don't say whether or not you can fight back. This sounds like it could be a ton of fun, but also a disaster waiting to happen. Can you imagine if they actually started really killing people!? Here's some additional information on the event: 

Camping (and your tent) is included, with just-added, specially marked tents for two people, and for two zones: the fair-game "blue zone" pictured below, and a "yellow zone" that's for people who don't want any interaction with creatures at all...

Instead of a park Downtown, this year they're doing it in the abandoned zoo up at Griffith Park -- also the site of their yearly Haunted Hayride. The location includes abandoned monkey cages, now-still animal pens, and a never-before-explored-by-the-public, super-dark house that the organizers describe as a "house of wax"

The abandoned Zoo at Griffith Park is a pretty creepy place as it is. I think it would be fun to actually try this out. I love this kind of stuff! Would you do it? Thanks to Thrillist for the heads up!

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