Horror Short Film ROTARY is a Little Confusing But Still Pretty Scary

Tis the season once again to scare ourselves, and luckily there are plenty of short videos just for doing that. This one manages to scare us with one of the things that many people never have to deal with anymore, a Rotary Phone! Ooooooh.

Big Bad Films does a decent job with this short. It's filmed well, has good actors and manages to be scary in the right ways. If there was to be any critique, I would say that it is a little confusing. The stakes are there, and the delivery is good, but I wish I knew more about what was going on.

Usually, I'd say the more ambiguous the story the better, but this manages to give us just enough to not give us enough. It gives us characters and a scary device with some background. We know there is a party that someone should go to, but why? Are they rivals? Friends? We know they must have some connection if one of them is going to scare the other later that night. Also, does the phone summon the monster? Is it a monster? Is the phone cursed? Is it sending her forward in time?

Usually questions like this should be vague, but at the same time I want to know more. Still a good film, but I just wish it would have given us a little bit more about these characters or less. It's too in the middle. Check it out below.

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