Hot Topic Unveils MALEFICENT Inspired Fashion Line

Gear Maleficent by Mily Dunbar

Just in time to be too late for my birthday, Hot Topic has unveiled a 9 item limited edition collection inspired by Disney’s upcoming twisted fairy tale, Maleficent. Maleficent was always the villain with the fiercest look, but it is maybe a little too high drama for everyday wear. This collection inspired by the character's style is strong enough to let people know you’re a badass witch but subtle enough to be totally wearable. My favorite piece is the Bat Wing Pullover hoodie, but the Front Button coat is also pretty great. The Asymmetrical Crow Feather Top looks comfortable without being frumpy, and the Corset Top is edgy without being over the top. If you are younger than me, you could totally rock the High-Collar dress for a night of witchy fun. In my opinion, the one misstep is the Aurora Lace Top, which looks perfectly cut to be unflattering on everyone, but feel free to disagree.

The Disney Maleficent collection is available for pre-order now.

Thanks to Fashionably Geek for the tip.

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