HOUSE OF CARDS Renewed for Season 4 in 2016

The Underwoods will continue their quest for power and glory in another season of House of Cards on Netflix. The streaming service tweeted the renewal notification, giving fans of the show a sense that at least they won't be left hanging after the big event(s) of the season 3 finale.

Time for some wild, spoiler-filled speculation. The idea of leaving a legacy is something that Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) have obviously been toying with during the entire duration of this series, but what if this tweet doesn't just mean a political legacy: what if Claire discovers — after walking out on Frank in the season three finale — that she's pregnant with his child? What if that's the legacy they're hinting at here? That would certainly add a complicated wrinkle to their relationship, and it might be exactly the kind of cliffhanger ending to a season premiere that the show needs to keep people watching. Let's face it: it's not as good as it used to be, so they're going to need to step it up if they want us to stick around.

What did you think about season three? Are you looking forward to the fourth season? Think my prediction might come true? Let us know below.

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