How FROZEN Should Have Ended

“Oh wow! You guys are bad parents.”

I’m a big fan of the folks at How It Should Have Ended. They lovingly poke fun at plot holes in films, and within their format they’re able to take the story a step further into realms of rollicking ridiculousness. I do feel, however, that if Honest Trailers gets to a movie first, HISHE doesn’t want to tread any of the same material and their offering ultimately suffers. The Honest Trailer for Disney’s Frozen came out last month, and the ScreenJunkies guys did a fantastic job with it. HISHE’s send up of Frozen falls a little flat in the beginning but it redeems itself with the post credits scene, so be sure to wait and stay for that. I still think one more scene or another quick alternate ending would have been great to see. Hopefully they release an extra bonus scene!

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