How Heavy Is Thor's Hammer?

According to versions of Marvel Comics and the Thor movie, the hammer of Thor, Mjölnir, was forged within the heart of a dying star, and it is composed of a metal called Uru, which is only found in Asgard. 

So just how heavy is Mjölnir? The Uru version is said to weigh 42.3 pounds, but does it really? We all know that the only person who can possess the hammer and power of Thor is someone who is deemed worthy. The enchantment that was placed on the Hammer by Odin prevents other people from using it. Is that really the case though? Or is it made of material just too damn heavy to lift without some sort of god-like strength?

We have a great video from Vsauce3 to share with you today that explores the science behind the weight of Thor's Hammer, and how just dropping it could cause global destruction.

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