How Mark Ruffalo Hulked Out on a Preschooler

I went to elementary school with a girl whose dad was a member of the popular ‘80s band Devo. My schoolmates and I couldn’t help but ask her, all too often, if her dad still liked to “whip it, whip it good.” And that was about a decade and a half after the release of that song. I can’t imagine how mind-blowing it would have been as a kid to go to school with a girl whose father is a major part of the biggest film franchise in the world right now. A young boy who went to preschool with the daughter of Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers’ Bruce Banner/Hulk) was thrown into this situation. Ruffalo went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and related the story and explained what he did when the boy asked him if he could turn into the Hulk. Egged on by his own daughter, Ruffalo attempted to grant the child his request.

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