How THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Changed Movies - Short Doc

When The Blair Witch Project first came out in 1999, I completely gave into the hype. I was a fan of horror movies, and this one seemed completely different and intriguing. One of the main things it had going for it was the online marketing campaign, and how a lot of people couldn't tell if the movie was real or not. I remember discussing all of this with my dad and my brother as we were waiting in a long ass line to see the movie. Of course, after the movie was over, we realized that it obviously wasn't real, but it was still an incredibly fun movie going experience.

The film became the most profitable movie of all time… so far. It was made on a budget of only $25,000, and the film went on to gross $250 million worldwide. The Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez-directed film also opened the door to found footage movies. It popularized that style of filmmaking and we are still seeing the effects of it today.

Academy Originals has released a "behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Blair Witch Project and its impact on the future of movies - from sparking a found footage genre boom to its innovative use of Internet marketing." The short doc is called Moments That Changed The Movies: The Blair Witch Project, and it's worth checking out, especially if you were lucky enough to be a part of this movie phenomenon. 

A lot of people give the movie crap now, but I still have appreciation for it.

Via: /Film

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