How To Get Back Into Comics Without Breaking The Bank

It's been a while since you've read a comic, hasn't it? Don't worry, you aren't alone! It's no industry secret that with all the movies, television, cartoons, and games on the market comic books have taken a backseat for many geeks. After a verrrry long hiatus from comics I'm just now getting back into the catalogs of both DC and Marvel, and I'm proud to report it's not due to a lack of quality! So why is the fanbase turning its back on the source material/bible of all our beloved media?

While I can't speak for everyone, I can say money was definitely a factor in my leaving the medium. I'm an adult (for the most part), and comics can get expensive month to month. Following just ONE comic for an entire year rings up at around 70 dollars when you go by comic store prices...and we all know you can't just follow one. It sounds like a drop in the bucket when you throw a dollar amount down, but when you have bills, and other outlets for entertainment, it's hard to justify dropping cash on a piece of media that you can read through in full in less than fifteen minutes.

So I found options. Options that can feed my geek need to immerse myself again in this exciting new time for comics and keep it from reflecting on my bank statement. If money is a factor in your leaving of comics, use this list to get back in the game and see what you're missing out on!

Get A Library Card

You would be astounded at the amount of graphic novels and hard cover series that are at your local library...FOR FREE. I make a weekly trip to the library and scour through the highlights of the DC/Marvel back catalog. While I can't keep up with the month to month issues in this way, my library in Indianapolis has hardcover/paperback graphic novels as current as March 2015 currently in circulation!

Another pro of using your library card is you don't have to make the agonizing decision of what to follow and try new things. I found out I absolutely love Daredevil comics through my library, and that I'm not the biggest fan of Superman.

There are cons, of course. Sometimes the collection is split between different sections, which can be a pain. That being said, my library website allows me to put things on hold and let the librarians do the work for me!

By far the most inexpensive item on this list. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR LIBRARY, PEOPLE.

Dollar Comics

This is one of the few times it's actually cheaper to go to a comic shop. A majority of comic shops offer a bargain bin of all superheroes issues from the late '80s to '00s. You aren't going to find anything groundbreaking or incredible in there, but it's awesome if you aren't someone who is all about making sure you read every single issue in a series of comics. That being said, sometimes I got lucky and was able to get quite a few consecutive issues in series for the West Coast Avengers!

The only real con to this one is you are in a comic book store, which is THE place you are guaranteed to spend the most money on comics. Keep your wits about you and try not to fall for the worker who looks like he hasn't eaten in days.

Buy Online

If you absolutely have to buy each current issue when it comes out... save some money and subscribe online. Sure you feel the strain all at once, but in the long run you save yourself anywhere from 10 to 15 dollars ordering all at once online!

Not the most attractive option, but if you want new comics might as well save some money.

Marvel Unlimited

Why DC won't get with the 21st century is beyond me. Why I am just now finding out about this awesome service from Marvel is even more unbelievable. Long have I proclaimed that if a "Netflix" for comics existed I would be first in line to purchase. Marvel did that...and I haven't heard much about it from anyone! The service (which I have not used yet) is said to boast of 15k titles for you to download to your smartphone or tablet and deals on current issues. 

Of course, the con is no hard copy. I'm usually not one to gripe about digital vs paper, but I tried comics on a tablet once, and I wasn't the biggest fan. Even so, 15k for 9.99 a month is an incredible value for what you have access to.


Of course, many things are available for free on the web. Sites such as Comixology, Marvel, DC, Newsarama, and Digital Comic Museum all offer free options for those wishing to read comics, and it's all completely legal! Once again, you're a bit of a slave to your digital device...but free is free!

That's just a few ideas to get you started for any others to add? Throw them in the comments below!

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