Hulu Is Looking to Grow Their Marvel Relationship and Possibly Revive DAREDEVIL and More

TV HuluMarvelDaredevil by Joey Paur

Hulu and Marvel are starting to build a big relationship with each other. Just recently it was announced that the two were partnering up on a slate of animated projects that include Marvel’s Howard the Duck, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, and Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show. Then there’s a standalone team-up special called Marvel’s The Offenders.

This is just the beginning of what Hulu hopes is a long and fruitful relationship. According to Craig Erwich, Hulu senior vice president of original content, this is only the beginning. He tells The Wrap:

We’ve had a relationship with Marvel since ‘Runaways,’ we’re getting into business on these animated shows. I’m sure it will lead to — you know, business gets you business — we have a good creative relationship with them. That’s where opportunities tend to arise.

This relationship could lead to a revival of the cancelled Marvel Netflix shows that include DaredevilLuke Cage and Iron Fist. When specifically asked about the possibility of reviving these shows, Erwich responded by saying this is something Hulu is very interested in doing:

Marvel has a ton of titles we’d be interested in. It kind of just depends on when they’re ready, [and] who, most importantly, is going to be behind these things.

These shows can’t show up anywhere else other than Netflix for at least two years, so we wouldn’t see these shows pop up on Hulu for awhile. Regardless, it would be pretty awesome if Hulu did end up picking up the shows and continuing the stories of these characters.

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