I Hope This Fan Theory About Tony Stark in AVENGERS 4 Isn't True

Avengers 4 is coming out in the first half of next year. This means that everyone is theorizing what is going to happen in the film. The latest theory that I’ve heard makes me want to cry though and it involves Tony Stark. Here’s the theory from Reddit:

Post Infinity War, Tony has settled down with Pepper and they have a son. Soon thereafter, Ant-Man shows up and time travel is introduced, so now Tony hatches a plan to reverse the snap... However, this means forfeiting the current timeline where he has his son.

After they arrive on Vormir with direction from Nebula, they will be told a sacrifice needs to be made. It was introduced Red Skull can see everyone’s soul as the Stonekeeper when he addressed Thanos as “Son of Alars”, so it is possible he will peer into Tony’s soul and learn he is in a harrowing quandary: sacrificing the timeline where he has his son to save half the universe. As the Stonekeeper explains this, a tear rolls down Tony’s cheek.

Time travel has been teased for a long time now for Avengers 4, but not much talk about how it will be used. Of course, any time you have time travel you end up with multiple timelines and it would be incredibly sad if Tony had to decide to leave the timeline where he has a son in order to save the world. Especially if only a handful of members remember all the events of the film as some are suggesting.

I personally believe that most of the Avengers who are alive will have to make a sacrifice in the film. I think Tony and Steve are both going to die in some fashion. In essence, yes, my theory of Tony dying does involve him losing his son, but in a different way that doesn’t make me as sad. Also, I don’t think we’re going to have a substantial time jump as the theory states. Will Tony have to sacrifice his son to save the universe? Find out on May 3, 2019, when Avengers 4 hits theaters.

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