I Would Love to See WONDER WOMAN Director Patty Jenkins Helm MAN OF STEEL 2

I've watched Wonder Woman three times already and I'm just so impressed by what director Patty Jenkins did in bringing this character to the big screen. The story was strong and it was filled with all the elements that not only make a great superhero film, but a great film in general. 

Not only did the film have the gritty badass action, but it was also filled with drama, humor, emotion, and most importantly, that feeling of hope and love. Those two things served as the centerpiece for the story, and everything else was built around those core principles. 

Those are the things that any Superman film needs to be built around! After seeing Wonder Woman multiple times, I was thinking that Jenkins should be the director to helm Man of Steel 2. Warner Bros. has yet to announce a director for that sequel, but if they aren't considering bringing on Jenkins to do it, they really need to! 

I have no doubt that Jenkins could give fans the truly incredible Superman film that we've been waiting for. She seems to have an understanding of what makes these god-like superheroes tick and also give them a humanity that audiences can relate to. At least she was able to do that with Wonder Woman, and I think she could bring that to Superman as well.

I'm sure I'm not the only person to think that Jenkins would make a great director for the next Superman film, but I just wanted to talk about it and put it out there. I would be thrilled if Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment hired her to direct Man of Steel 2. If it doesn't happen, I hope they bring on another director that has the same level of talent as Jenkins.

What do you all think? Would you want to see Jenkins direct Man of Steel 2? what do you think she could bring to the film and character? 

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