IDW Publishing is Making GLOW Comics

GLOW has been one of my favorite Netflix Originals and I did not expect that. I originally watched it because I enjoy Alison Brie’s work. Then, the show hooked me in and I love it. Now, Netflix is partnering with IDW Publishing to give us a four-issue comic book series based on the show. According to THR, the comics will be an original story where the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are accidentally scheduled to get in the ring with actual lady wrestlers for charity.

The comics will be written by Tini Howard with Hannah Templer providing the artwork. Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, the co-creators of the show, will serve as executive producers and oversee the project. I’m excited to see the story created since Howard is a wrestling fan. She said in a statement:

I’m more than just a GLOW fan, I’m a wrestling fan, too. I’ve written wrestling comics before, and I adore it. Wrestling and comic books are a natural fit for more than just tights and fights. Each of the gorgeous ladies has either developed her own character or adapted to one thrust upon her, and making that identity her own is not dissimilar to, say, putting on a bat costume.

GLOW is set to be launched in March while the third season of the TV show is still unscheduled.

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