If Creators Met Their Characters Now — Comic by Dorkly

When you’ve released something you’ve created, in a way it no longer belongs to you (unless you’re Bill Watterson, he's got Calvin and Hobbes on lockdown). It can be strange to see something you created evolve into something completely different that you would have never dreamed up. As a songwriter, I’ve heard some pretty wild interpretations from fans about the stories and meanings behind songs I've written. I can only imagine what it would feel like for the creators of comic book characters, whose creations are constantly being updated and reinvented by other people.

Batman and Superman celebrated their 75th anniversaries in the last couple years, and have both gone through countless and very different iterations since their debuts. They and other iconic comic book characters meet their makers in this comic by Dorkly’s Tony Wilson, and the creators have some pretty choice words for the modern day versions of their creations.

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