If THE INCREDIBLES Was Directed by Christopher Nolan

Pixar’s The Incredibles was absolute perfection. I couldn’t be happier that director Brad Bird is working on the story for the sequel. As light and fun as the movie was, it had some dark and intense moments — small children were in perilous situations half the movie and a whole lotta superheroes were killed. Bobby Burns took those darker scenes and laid Syndrome’s more menacing speeches over them in this fake trailer that imagines The Incredibles as a Christopher Nolan film. He even cuts it to Hans Zimmer’s music from the Dark Knight trilogy to great effect.

This trailer features a lot of Syndrome. If they ever decide to do a live action film about the superhero family (I hope they don't), TJ Miller would make for the perfect Syndrome. He sounds enough like Jason Lee (the voice of Syndrome for the animated film) and looks just like the character.

via: io9

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