If You Sync Up CLOVERFIELD With THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX This Cool Connection is Revealed

I know that The Cloverfield Paradox isn't getting a lot of love from the fans, but the film is a part of the Cloverfield universe and it offers an explanation as to why these alien creatures have invaded Earth. There's a fun connection between The Cloverfield Paradox and the original Cloverfield that you might not have noticed.

If you sync the two films up, you'll notice that at the 18:20 mark in both films, there's the big moment where everything takes a turn for the worse. In Paradox the Shepherd particle accelerator is officially launched, which pretty much tears open time and space and opens up a new dimension. At the same time this happens, in Cloverfield, there's the earthquake and power outage right before the creatures are unleashed in all dimensions because of the particle accelerator. 

A Cloververse Redditor by the name “___Ghost___” synced the scene in a video that you can watch below showing what this looks like when it plays out simultaneously. 

In case you were wondering if this was intentional, the answer is no. This was just a pretty cool coincidence. During a Facebook Q&A with J.J. Abrams and director Julius Onah, they were asked about the connection and Abrams said, "No. It was a bizarre coincidence." It really is bizarre that this syncs up so perfectly! 

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