Impressive Fan-Made Marvel Short Film - VON DOOM: A DR. DOOM ORIGiN STORY

We have yet to see a proper feature film adaptation of the classic Marvel villain Doctor Doom. I absolutely hated the version of the character in the most recent Fantastic Four movie. I don't know when or if Fox will ever attempt to try to bring Dr. Doom back to life again on the big screen, but while we wait to see what they do, I have a fantastic fan-made short film for you to check out today!

The unofficial short film is called "Von Doom: A Dr. Doom Origin," and it comes from writer-director-editor Ivan Kandor. This guy actually seems to have an understanding of the villain and the short film he made actually ended up being an impressively made film. As you can already tell by the title of the film, the story revolves around Doom's origin. 

If any of you are fans of Dr. Doom, I think you're gonna dig this. Watch it and let us know what you think!

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