Impressive Sci-Fi Action Short Set in the Year 2069 - THE LEAP

I've got an incredibly cool sci-fi short film for you to watch today called The Leap. It was written, designed, and directed by Karel van Bellingen, and the production value is impressively awesome. On top of that, the storytelling is superb and completely engaging. The short is 30 minutes long, but I promise it's worth your time. Here's the synopsis:

In 2069, New Earth is declared open for civilian migration, a decade after its discovery. As tales of wonder and opportunity reach the Old World, taking ‘the leap’ becomes the dream of millions. Unable to afford the journey, many of the less fortunate risk their lives being smuggled aboard cargo ships. The inter-planetary Migration Administration, or IPMA, deals with human trafficking on a biblical scale.
Fifteen years later, Jacob Reiss, a disillusioned IPMA veteran, has a fateful encounter with a young cartel prostitute. A meeting that forces him to confront a dark chapter from his past in order to save them both from a bleak future in one final, violent shot at redemption.

Seriously, make sure to watch this when you get a chance. A big thanks to the director for sending his short to us! 

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