Impressive Sci-Fi Short DÉDALO Tells an Intense Story of Survival Against Alien Creatures

I've got an awesome sci-fi short film for you to watch today called "DÉDALO." The story follows a woman named Siena who is trapped into a Space Freighter/Refinery called the DÉDALO and is forced to survive an infestation of diabolic alien creatures.

The short film was directed by Jerónimo Rocha, and what he created is really quite impressive. I loved the atmosphere, and the film was shot really well. The short has an Aliens type vibe to it. But what I really loved about it most was its awesomely heavy intensity. As soon as the movie started I was hooked, and it kept the intensity level rising up until the last shot of the short.

There's really nothing not to like about this film other than the fact that I wish it hadn't ended! I'd be curious to see a full-length feature film based on this concept. I also want to point out that I really liked the alien creature design. In case you're interested, I also included a "Making Of" video for you to check out. I really hope you enjoy this!

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