In The Backyard, No One Can Hear You Burn: ALIEN Xenomorph-Themed Wood Burner

Alex over at Burned By Design has come up with some cool stuff before (including this Lord of the Rings-themed burner), but his latest design may be his best one yet. He's created an Alien-themed Xenomorph wood burner that would be the perfect addition to any sci-fi fan's backyard, and he also went ahead and crafted a Predator-themed piece to go alongside it so the two can spend eternity locked in a flaming war. Check out some photos these creations as well as a video of the Alien stove in action below. To make your own, click here.

Alien burner...this should keep the neighbors cat out of the garden...please share...

Posted by Burned by Design on Thursday, July 30, 2015
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