Incredibly Extensive STRANGER THINGS LEGO Set Takes You to the Upsidedown and Back


This is absolutely the most intricate LEGO set I’ve ever seen, and I have kids who are LEGO fans, so we have quite a few sets at our house. If you are a fan of Stranger Things (and really, who’s not?), you have to check out this set.

The LEGO set boasts the home of Will, Jonathan, and Joyce Byers, as well as the Upsidedown underneath the house, on the flip side. Each of the main characters are included, as well as accessories for all. Sheriff Hopper comes with his coffee mug and shotgun.

The Demogorgon comes with an alternate head so you may position its face opened or closed. Will also comes with a regular face and a terrified one, as well as his bike. Joyce has a drawing of Will as Will the Wise. Lucas, Dustin, and Mike all come with flashlights and walkie talkies, and an additional small accessory like a slingshot or compass. And Eleven comes equipped with a blonde wig, and of course, a LEGO Eggo waffle.

Check out the shot of the incredible set below and let us know if you’ll be dropping the $200 on it for yourself or a loved one. All things considered, I have seen a handful of LEGO sets that are in this price range, and I actually think that’s about right.

You can pre-order one now on the Lego website, and expect your set when it comes out on June 1st.


via: io9

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