INDIANA JONES LAND is Rumored To Be Coming to Disney World's Animal Kingdom

There have been rumblings of an Indian Jones-themed land being considered for Disney World's Animal Kingdom. I've gotta say, that would be freakin' cool if this was actually the case! This would be huge because there are so many fans out there that would love to play around in the world of Indiana Jones. 

The closest thing the Disney Parks have to an Indiana Jones Land is Adventure Land which is where the Indiana Jones Adventure ride resides. It would make perfect sense for Disney to want to develop an Indiana Jones-themed land. They nabbed the property rights when they bought Lucasfilm and they are currently developing a fifth Indiana Jones film with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. That film has a released date of July 10, 2020. Like Star Wars, a theme park attraction is the next logical step... if the movie is a success.

According to Orlando Informer, here are the details of how this might all go down:

All of DinoLand, USA will be remade into Indiana Jones Land (or should we call it Indiana Jones: Civilization’s Edge?), with half of the attractions getting a theming overhaul and the other half being razed to the ground and replaced by brand-new experiences. Dinosaur, the area’s flagship ride, is expected to be re-skinned as Indiana Jones Adventure, the 1995 attraction from Disneyland – not at all surprising, given that Dinosaur has literally the same exact ride vehicle and track layout as its Californian predecessor. (And lest you think that receiving a clone of a 22-year-old ride is somehow a disappointment, theming aficionados have long been clamoring for this very scenario, considering how impressive both Indiana Jones Adventure’s ride experience and queue are, even when compared against the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s offerings.) The Boneyard Fossil Fun Site is also currently expected to stay, albeit with the expected makeover into an archeology-themed dig site.

They're inside sources also say that Indiana Jones Land will be an expanded experience like Star Wars Land. The whole land would be an immersive interactive experience with the possibility of a specially-designed in-park hotel. The report says:

Should an Indy Land truly be going into Animal Kingdom, there’s no reason to believe that Disney wouldn’t import the hotel concept over from Hollywood Studios to here, providing a second around-the-clock “Disney 360” initiative.

I would actually love for this to happen. It'd be so cool to see Disney make an Indiana Jones Land one day. This is all just rumor and speculation at the moment, but it seems like something that Disney is definitely considering. 

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