INFERNO GIRL RED Returns to Kickstarter to Fund Book Two

Back in 2021, Mat Groom and Erica D’Urso launched a highly successful Kickstarter for Inferno Girl Red: Book One. Now, the pair have returned to Kickstarter to bring fans Inferno Girl Red: Book Two! I absolutely loved the first one so backing this is a no-brainer to me. Cassia’s a fantastic character, the action is incredible, and the story is gripping. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a brief description of what to expect: “the high school super-heroic drama of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE with the dynamic storytelling and world-building of Japanese tokusatsu superheroes, and the intrigue and relationship drama of British boarding school fiction.” It’s a winning combination. Here’s an official synopsis:

When her new home of Apex City was ripped out of existence and cast into darkness, Cássia Costa had to embrace an ancient power to become the legendary hero INFERNO GIRL RED. She rose to the challenge, pushing herself farther than she ever thought possible – but though Cássia protected the city from its first major threat, it cost her dearly. Now, still reeling from a heartbreaking loss, Cássia must forge a relationship with a new mentor, and expand an unlikely team – because the consequences of her previous “victory” have come back to haunt her, and a villainous duo is on the rise! A fraught potential romance beckons, a long-held secret threatens to be revealed, and an unimaginable choice could see Apex City left defenseless! Can Cássia navigate it all… or even survive it all?

Groom and D’Urso are being reunited with the original creative team for the second book. This includes colorist Igor Monti, letterer Becca Carey, editor Kyle Higgins, and design agency FOR THE PEOPLE. You can secure a digital copy of Inferno Girl Red: Book Two starting at $15 and physical copies (which include the digital version) start at $40. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it. Talking about the opportunity to continue Cassia’s story, Groom said:

I’m beyond excited to return to the world of INFERNO GIRL RED. In many ways it’s an allegory for the modern teenage experience – coming of age in a world with cataclysmic disaster looming, being told by older generations that it’s up to them to solve the problems they didn’t create. What does it take to succeed despite this pressure? And how can you embrace the radical belief needed to achieve the seemingly impossible without falling into dangerous self-delusion?

D’Urso added:

Two years ago when Mat and I launched the INFERNO GIRL RED Kickstarter, we couldn’t have imagined the reception we’d receive. Not only was our campaign funded on the first day, we were fortunate enough to have Image Comics (publisher of THE WALKING DEAD, SAGA and so much more) bring INFERNO GIRL RED to comic and book stores. The amazing response of the Kickstarter and comic-reading community confirmed what we already believed: this is a story worth telling, and a world that’s worth diving into.

I’m freaking pumped for this book. Ever since I finished the first one earlier this year, I’ve been dying for more Inferno Girl Red. You can check out some preview pages and art below the following quote from Higgins:

When Marcelo and I created RADIANT BLACK, the mission we gave ourselves was to redefine what superhero comics could be – to try and create something genuinely new, that could make superheroes feel fresh and modern again. Then, as I looked to expand its world and create The Massive-Verse, I was looking for the same thing, but expressed in different ways. Right away, INFERNO GIRL RED fit that bill – it has an electric, passionate energy, and it genuinely speaks to the modern teenage experience. Because of this, I wasn't surprised that so many people responded to INFERNO GIRL RED: BOOK ONE... and I can't wait for readers to see how Mat, Erica and the team have expanded and pushed the world in INFERNO GIRL RED: BOOK TWO.

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