INFINITY WAR Director Doesn't See Anyone Able to Replace Robert Downey Jr.


Avengers: Infinity War is starting up and people are putting together dead pools with their friends and placing bets on who will die in the film. I have both Captain America and Iron Man at the tippy top of my list (though Korg is my pick for first death). I do think that there’s a good chance one or both of the bigger heroes will be revived at some point during Avengers 4. This would allow for a clean(ish) transition of power for others to pick up the mantle. It would be a great moment for Falcon or Winter Soldier to become the new Captain America, but what about Iron Man? Co-Director Joe Russo recently spoke about replacing Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and let’s face it, you can’t.

[T]here is nobody who can take over Iron Man from Robert.

He can’t play the character forever. I am sure there are lots other things he wants to do in his career. But he loves playing the character, I know that, and we love working together. We will see where it goes from here.

Robert is an incredible leader. He is a very warm and inclusive human being. He is great in keeping everyone’s spirits high and making everyone feel invited in the process… In the healthy creative space.

It sounds like he has been great to have on set. I also think we all agree that Downey is Tony Stark. There is no debate about that. However, it looks like they may not be looking at replacing him as they probably are Captain America. I think that if he is brought back or survives the movies, it would be a great time to potentially bring in Ironheart. What say you? Is there someone you could see taking over as Iron Man after Avengers 4 or do they just need to leave him alone?

Avengers: Infinity War is set to release on April 27, 2018.

Source: CBM

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