Infographic: The Influence of STAR WARS on Film and TV

As we prepare for new Star Wars movies, it's a good idea to reflect back on the one that started it all. Love him or hate him, George Lucas created something truly astonishing, and the influences of that one single film have rippled throughout multiple genres in myriad ways. Let's look at one small example: without Star Wars, there would probably be no Blade Runner, and Ridley Scott's futuristic aesthetic has informed so much of how we think about science fiction since its release. The impact of Star Wars is remarkable, and more than any other, it's the movie I've heard filmmakers cite as the thing that made them want to get into making movies themselves.

This infographic from Shutterstock uses all Shutterstock assets to assemble some connective tissue between Star Wars and some of the films, television shows, characters, and concepts that have risen in its wake. Pretty cool, huh?

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