Infographic — The Ultimate List of Superhero Lairs

Infographicby Mily Dunbar

We all have a favorite superhero hangout. As kids, we always loved the Batcave, especially its ’60s era, less powerful than an iPhone, bleepy-blorppy computer. And that red phone! Nothing was cooler than the red phone that only called one number. That’s utility right there. But recent movies have expanded the pool of great lairs, and now we are spoilt for choice. How will we decide which one is best?

For some reason that we don’t quite understand, UK blinds emporium Terry’s Blinds has sponsored or commissioned the creation of this bitchin infographic that breaks down ten superhero hideouts to their component parts. None of them include blinds. They also hand out some senior superlatives titles to the various lairs, ranking them from Easiest (Spider-Man) to Most Ancient (Wonder Woman) to Most Alien (maybe not who you would think) to Most Gothic (definitely who you would think). As we said, we aren’t sure what any of this has to do with blinds, but we don’t really care either. We’re just off to the liquor store to buy some ice to recreate our favorite. Anyone know where we can pick up some alien crystal?

via Geek x Girls

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